Appreciating You Bloggers

You know, writing isn’t the most social of career options 😊. Some people worry about the socialization of our young adults, who navigate so many of their relationships online, but I think we have to acknowledge that close relationships CAN form online, too.

I call many bloggers friends. In my most recent tour, several of the bloggers have been with me over multiple books. This is deeply meaningful to me. Reading and reviewing a book takes serious effort. Not only does it mean they like my work, but it means they understand my body of work. That’s something different. The bad part is that they know when a book isn’t my best, but the good is that they can see how I like to play with genre and narrative voice to try new things.

So here’s a shout out to all bloggers who support writers, but a special hug to those on my current tour who have stuck with me as I write my might little heart out. Thank you!

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