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Jan’s a hacker who would like to find out what lies on your hard drive. It’s a hobby that’s about to get her into a lot of trouble.

“Stewart offers up an engrossing read about hacking, computers, and the underbelly of the technological world. He has created a strong character in Jan, who the reader cheers on as she does all she can to save her friends and family.” — Library Journal.

A fun, fast-paced thriller guaranteed to distract teens from Facebook …” —Kirkus Reviews

ASSURED DESTRUCTION is a sprawling young adult transmedia mystery that includes four novels, seven Twitter feeds, a Facebook page, two websites, seven graphic novel origin stories and a blog. In the ASSURED DESTRUCTION series, Janus Rose wrestles with the many difficult choices required of teens who live life online. As her hacking skill improves, the stakes and impact of her moral choices rise. It’s a brave new world, and the right decision is neither black nor white, but gray.

In the first novel, the real-world consequences of Janus’ online exploits threaten to bring down her mother’s computer recycling business. Helping Janus are the many identities she’s lifted from the hard drives left at her mother’s computer recycling business. Gumps, Frannie, Heckleena, and more exist both online for Janus and as story extensions for the reader, providing an interactive flavour to the series.

Driving the transmedia narrative was the open source social media puppeteer platform developed by Janak Alford of Prototype D. The platform allowed a database of tweets to be uploaded, enabling inter-character storytelling. Specific characters could interact with followers, delivering answers to questions, or in the case of Heckleena, heckles tailored to a Twitter user’s number of followers, location, or device used.

ASSURED DESTRUCTION is written by Michael F. Stewart with art by Mac Doninri (Don) L Dimanlig and published by Non Sequitur Press. 185 pages. Print ISBN: 9780981269948. eBook ISBN: 9780981269931.

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  • A fun, fast-paced thriller guaranteed to distract teens from Facebook for at least a little while. — Kirkus Review 
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  • An incredible lead female character who takes you on a journey through her mind and hacking skills. — Novel d’Tales
  • The perfect backdrop for modern teen stories, and Michael Stewart crafts a world where even the computer characters are three-dimensional. — Mom in Love with Fiction
  • An intelligent, page turner with a truly dynamic heroine who has you shaking your head one minute and cheering her on the next. — Mama’s Got Flair
  • A perfect read for today’s YA group and shows them that there can be downfalls to this thing that we call social media. This is a techy read with a cliffhanger ending. — Mornings Start with Em
  • Fabulous concept and story, the attention to detail was so utterly worth it, the idea as far as I’m concerned was totally original and I will say, genius. I’m also totally and completely impressed with this author. Why? Because he’s written such a believable female role. — Simply Sensational Book Fanatics

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