I like to work with constraints. I find they encourage rather than discourage creativity. This novel was for my kids and I asked them what they wanted to see.

Gnomes. Magic. And they are the protagonists.

I could work with that.

At the same time, I didn’t want to write a fantasy novel. My daughters are nine year old identical twins. I wanted to put them in an environment that many can relate to, their home. They also love animals (I think this is true of most nine year old girls) and some of their fondest memories are saving or protecting the various animals in our area. We actually saved a baby gosling once who was swept downriver from her mother. We fed and kept the gosling for a couple of days before uniting it with a new mom who literally took the baby under her wing. It was beautiful and my daughters cried bitter-sweet tears.
So, Gnomic comes out of all of this. Gnomic is the story of two sisters who discover a dying gnome. They have an accidental hand in finishing him off, and inside of him (he turns into a garden gnome) is his gnomic (gnome magic). Each night the gnomic transforms into the creature most in need and touching it, the sisters transform as well. In a single night the girls must find the creature, learn what is wrong, and help it before returning to human form once more.

The first draft is complete. I have readers. The book is a lot of fun. A friend of mine, Mike Rooth, is working on a cover illustration. Thanks to Danielle Lynch for use of the gnome army photo.

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