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Recommended for ages 12+, Heart Sister is the story of Emmitt Highland as he embarks on a quest to put his twin sister back together again in spirit, by tracing down all of the recipients of her organs.

Quill and Quire called it, “A tale that is alternately heartbreaking and mischievous, sometimes creepy, and ultimately triumphant.”

“Raw, real, and riveting. In Heart Sister, Stewart masterfully takes us on Emmitt’s poignant search for what might be found when all seems lost. Heartfelt and heart-wrenching, it is a powerful story of hope.” — Caroline Pignat, two-time Governor General’s Award–winning author of Shooter

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After his twin sister, Minnie, dies in an accident, Emmitt’s world goes sideways. He’s lost his best friend and it feels like the family is falling apart without her. But Minnie was an organ donor and Emmitt soon receives an anonymous thank you letter from one of the transplant recipients. Inspiration strikes, and he decides to try and put his sister back together, in spirit. He’s going to track down each organ recipient and film them to show his parents the results of Minnie’s selfless act and help them move on. But when each recipient falls short of his expectations and the star of his film, the girl who received his sister’s heart, refuses to meet him, Emmitt has to turn to extreme measures to find her. What he doesn’t know is that his “heart sister” is hiding an agonizing secret, one that could push Emmitt to the breaking point.

Heart Sister is special because it started with a simple constraint. I wanted to write a thank you to the donor and donor family of my big brother’s heart. It’s also the constraint that carried me through—that feeling of unbelievable gratitude. My brother was born with a congenital heart defect. He had never been fully “healthy.” That letter at the start of the book? That’s partially his experience. He was protected. Protected from even crying too hard, playing too hard. So when, on one fateful New Years Eve, I got a call telling me my brother was getting a new heart…There is NO greater gift.

My whole family rushed to the hospital from across the country. The operation was more difficult than anyone could have imagined, but the staff were so heroic and my brother—such a fighter. Today, he’s well and healthy and there are so many people to thank, but it starts with a donor and a donor family. Thank you to organ donors everywhere.


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