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Who is Michael?

Michael is first and foremost an author, but he's also a wannabe lamer and father to four daughters.

Michael likes to experiment by combining social media with storytelling. He's both traditionally published and indie published. Represented by Talcott Notch.

He writes middle grade through to adult novels, graphic novels and new media projects across many genres.

If he had to wear a hat it would be mostly white.


August 19th, 2012

Hurakan is an action adventure inspired by Mayan myth and the rituals and mythology inherent in gang culture, a culture that plagues Central America and the USA. Here’s what some New York Times bestselling authors are saying about the novel.

‘A category 5 adventure, with a stormy romance. HURAKAN will carry you away.’ Bestselling author, Joan Johnston.

‘Michael Stewart takes the reader on a wild and breathless adventure through a vividly presented (and meticulously researched) jungle landscape where the natural perils of the forest are nothing to the cruelty and determination of the men coming after you…’ A.J. Hartley, bestselling author What Time Devours and Act of Will.

When Samantha’s husband doesn’t make the flight for their family’s Belizean jungle vacation, she’s not entirely disappointed. With their divorce all but certain, she could use an adventure with some romance on the side. After her daughter disappears on a trip through an underworld cave, Samantha discovers that dealing with an escaped murderer bent on sacrificing a maiden to the Mayan rain god may bring more danger than she bargained for.

Trapped during a hurricane in the midst of a jungle teeming with the warriors of an ancient tribe, and tracked by the most dangerous gang in the world, Samantha must find the strength to become the person she’d always hoped to be–to save her family–or die trying.

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