I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. It’s 2014, heck, we’re a week into it! Sick kids, sick self, the weather—need I say more. It’s been a slow start and it’s time to put myself back on track.

2013 was a great year for writing. And 2014 will be no different. Here are my intentions:

Assured Destruction: WITH ADDED ZOMBIES will come out this March. With it, I’ll have a faux Kickstarter campaign to help build Assured Destruction which has been firebombed! So cool. I’m done draft 2.

I’m working on a new YA called, at this time, LINEAGE. This is in the planning stages and may work better as a movie, we’ll see how the outline comes. It’s the biggest idea I’ve had in five years. It sideswiped other ideas. Still breaking the storyline.

I’m in the process of rewriting THE RIVER KEEPERS. This is a middle grade series about two young girls who take on the duties of their local ecosystem from the gnome they killed . It’ll be done by mid February if not before. Hope to have it on submission by Spring. Lots of series potential.

THE TERMINALS, my thriller about a secret government agency that uses the terminally ill to discover information from dead people in order to solve real world emergencies, that one. It’s going to come out. Oh, yes it will.

I have a secret project which has a partner. Might be classified as New Adult. I can’t talk about because it’s SECRET!

On the education front, there are no projects scheduled but that can change at any time.

Other projects include AVATARS which is another contemporary techno thriller in the vein of the Assured Destruction Series. And working with my brother who was Creature Supervisor for District 9 and some Harry Potter movies (seriously). He’s taking some of my ideas and bringing the characters to life in CG, how cool is that.

The above is enough to keep me busy for 2014 but I have other concepts to do with maker culture and the embedding of technology. Really, if I can put down a couple hundred thousand words while getting other projects through production hoops I’m going to be a happy dude.

Focus? Look a blue bike! To be fair though, it may not seem focused but it is. These are all young adult titles. The fantastic elements are in a contemporary environment and therefore the marketing elements are more targeted. That’s where the focus is. The only exception is THE TERMINALS, for which I’ll write more episodes. It really lends itself to a digital series and I’m interested in the model.

So happy 2014! Here’s to more writing, more experimentation, and more dandelion fluff released into the ether. Let’s do this.

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  • Posted: January 7, 2014 07:07


    Happy 2014 to you too! It looks lik you've got a solid plan ahead of you, and a crazy-busy time planned! I hope you rock it. :D
    • Posted: January 7, 2014 09:21


      Thanks, Emma, I like how you called them 'intentions' rather than resolutions!
  • Posted: January 7, 2014 07:07


    *like. Blasted typos!