ITW Interview, Alan L. Lee, SANDSTORM

This June, Alex Koves, a cunning and lethal U.S. Intelligence asset, will be unleashed on the world. This is what happens when a journalist with three decades of experience conceives a thriller. He births a ripped from the headlines page turner. And if events play out as they do in the novel, nothing will ever be the same.

Lurking in the shadows, away from any government oversight, a secret partnership has been formed between an Israeli spymaster pulling the strings of the most efficient killing machine the Mossad has to offer and an exclusive billionaire boys club that wants to dictate the New World Order. In their pocket is a powerful U.S. senator who aspires to the presidency. Success means vast wealth and increased power, and they’ll stop at nothing to succeed.

CIA operative Nora Mossa is trained to kill when the situation calls for it. She’s also capable of disappearing into thin air. Being efficient, deadly, and beautiful, however, won’t be enough to protect her after her mentor Erica Janway is assassinated in her Maryland home. With everyone in the Agency suspect, Nora turns to the only person capable of keeping her alive while she uncovers the truth behind Janway’s demise—her former lover and ex–CIA agent Alex Koves. That is, if he will even speak to her.

With danger lurking in every corner of the globe, Koves and Nora must stay alive long enough to piece together the clues to a deadly plot capable of killing thousands in the Middle East. And the clock is ticking….

BOOKLIST and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors agree:

“The character development here is first-rate, and the story line is intense. What could easily have been just another conspiracy thriller feels fresh and new in the capable hands of first-novelist Lee.” —BOOKLIST

“Death, mayhem, murder, Mossad, nukes, maniac billionaires set on world domination, double- and (of course) triple-crosses, SANDSTORM has all the muscle-power of its title.”—Brad Meltzer, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE BOOK OF FATE.

“SANDSTORM is excitement detonated! Taut and terrifying, Alan Lee’s debut thriller drops us into the kill zone of possibilities lurking behind real headlines.”—Vince Flynn, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of KILL SHOT.

With a wife, two kids, a big job as the FOX NEWS anchor for Detroit, all while penning a sequel, I’m so pleased Alan L. Lee can be here for an interview!

Alan, having interviewed many famous authors yourself, what’s the best interview tip you have for me?

Do your homework because you never know when you might have to carry the conversation or fill in the blanks. Also, it’s good to know things about the person outside of what they’re prepared to talk about. It can loosen them up a bit to know you’ve taken a genuine interest.

For the rest of the interview check out THE BIG THRILL!

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