Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As I head out on a very wintry drive I want to wish everyone a very merry holidays.

It’s been a wonderful year for me. I’ve written two fiction novels, two non fiction, two early readers, and two non fiction early readers. Eight books! Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t count the readers, but I learned so much researching the non fiction books I wrote on Corruption and Children’s Rights. Very proud of them, and proud that in 2014 most of these books will see their way into the hands of many thousands of teens via major publishers.

I have a big family of four daughters and am now writing in their age group. If you wonder where my teen voice comes from. Look no further. The Assured Destruction Series is undoubtedly my greatest achievement this year and I hope to discover new readers in 2014, especially when I launch the campaign for book 3 (tentatively titled Assured Destruction: WITH ADDED ZOMBIES). Getting real fan mail has to be THE BEST feeling.

In the background, I have two other series on the go. One concept is so awesome it’s already optioned for television and film. Episode 1 is locked and loaded. The other I’m editing with my amazing agent Gina. It has a lot of potential to work with other authors in different countries (I like to think big!).
Three more projects are burbling (yes, I have no other word for it). One is a project with the award winning director Jim Donovan. Dystopian YA. The other two ideas I’ve told only to my wife. One is really fresh, semi-dystopian SciFi YA. A premise that is believable, yet at the same time magical. It’s missing the right combination of story and characters though and I’m waiting for it to gel. The other idea is similar in voice to Assured Destruction. Techy, and includes all my research into body modification. I’m excited about them all. And I can’t wait to tell you more in 2014. I’ve also entered a contest that I really hope I win. To write a prequel to the Dark Crystal would be a high honor.

In 2013, I feel like I became a true writer. And perhaps it’s because I feel surrounded by them now, online, offline. And just like Janus in Assured Destruction, I do believe our online contacts are so important. Thanks for being a part of mine in 2013, and I wish you the happiest, most amazing 2014 EVER.

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