Netgalleying Indie-Style

For those of you not familiar with it, Netgalley is a service that many publishers use as a way of soliciting reviews for forthcoming novels. It’s key differentiators, in my mind, are that you can reach out to a lot more librarians, proreviewers, media professionals, etc.

It comes at a price. As an Indie if you wanted to list your book, you’ll be out $399 for a one time listing fee.

However, some enterprising indies have created coops, where they buy blocks of listings at a much reduced rate (per book) and then lease the space out to other authors. THIS is much more economical.

I’m using Kellie’s service at Patchwork Press. It’s excellent, but there are others.

I thought it might be helpful to post an update on my netgalley coop experience to date. I’ve paid $80 for a two month coop placement to help with the launch of my next book, The Terminals, a dark thriller.

After three weeks I’ve had:

102 Requests

72 in the first week

20 second week

7 third week

9 Booksellers

9 Educators

3 Media Professionals

The rest ‘reviewers’

(31 declined because they had no information on where they review. I subsequently asked the gatekeeper to accept everyone.)

89 Downloads (downloads is higher than actual numbers because some people download more than once)

Four reviews submitted so far.

2 5 star

1 4 star

1 no rating, hadn’t expected it to be a horror. Netgalley doesn’t have a separate genre from horror so I put it under both Thriller and SF.

I’ve heard that some people get hundreds of requests, so if you write romance I think you’ll do better, but I’m satisfied so far. The service has also been exceptional from Kellie. We’ll see how many reviews I get in.

I hope this helps people who are considering this model!

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