The Claymore Award!

I won the Claymore Award!

The Claymore is the award for best unpublished manuscript as determined by a jury of authors, book sellers, and publishers. It’s announced at Killer Nashville, an amazing conference, at their award banquet and you really do get a miniature claymore (which as a Scot is especially meaningful!).

Juried awards are so important and I’m so very grateful to the judges.

Why is it important?

The best part of the prize is this: Every winner has gone on to have their manuscript published by a great publisher. To me, that’s significant recognition.

What did I win it for?

The Boy Who Swallows Flies. This is a middle grade mystery about a boy with a special gift. It’s a proposed series and I’d love, love, love to write the rest of the books I have imagined for it.

WARNING: Rated PG for graphic bug-violence.

 Jarrod can view the memories of any bug. He just has to eat it first. It’s not the tastiest of superpowers and, let’s face it, fly memories aren’t all unicorns and rainbows. Eating insects doesn’t net him many friends, and Bug-boy really is an unavoidable nickname. But Jarrod’s ready to prove that he and his bugs are worth more than ridicule.

 When he swallows a fly while biking, he’s in for a shock. The bug saw a room stacked full of sick dogs and puppies in crates. It’s a puppy mill and Jarrod needs to save the animals. But the flight range of the common housefly is five miles! Even if the police believe him, with no evidence, they can’t help. It’s up to Jarrod.

 Trained cockroaches survey neighborhood basements. A fly taped to a window makes an excellent sentry. Every beetle, mosquito, caterpillar—don’t eat the fuzzy yellow ones—spider and centipede are his edible sidekicks.

 Will Jarrod be able to save the dogs? Or is it all too much to swallow?

I hope that one day everyone will get a chance to find out!

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