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I have a new book out! … I’m super nervous about it. Reviews so far have ranged widely and I don’t really know where the consensus will land. I knew it was a hard read. Aside from ‘Wow’, the most common word in reviews is ‘sobbing’. But we write to make people feel. We read to feel, right? Even if you get angry at the characters, even if you hate them? Even if they make you ask yourself some damned tough questions. Then I feel that’s my job, right?

The Momentous Expiration of Tremmy Sinclair is about a sick, jerk of a teenager who is dying. It’s a teenager a lot of people are not really going to want to get to know. But, in the words of one reviewer, “the story worked because I didn’t like the characters.” Not liking the characters can provide space and accessibility–or so I hope.

It’s sort of a redemption story and sort of not. If the book had ended one way, it would have been. But because it ended in a very different way, it’s also not. It’s about taking action. About responsibility. It’s about a bully and about how when we’re friends with the bully how hard it is to stand up to them. In the words of one three-star reviewer: “At the heart of this story is a person’s ability to acknowledge their privilege and how they can use it for good.” Some will, some won’t, for some it comes too late.

This review for me was an achievement unlocked. She got it. Maybe didn’t enjoy the getting of it as much as we all would have liked, but she got it. Understanding privilege was a journey for me and to do it in my 30s and 40s was too late. There are parts of privilege that are more dangerous than others. This book speaks to the worst of it.

Here are a couple more quotes for you: “This notable novel is reminiscent of a John Green book. The writing and pacing are superb, the characters are totally believable, the humour is outstanding and the plotline fires on all cylinders beginning to end.” CM Reviews, Highly Recommended.

“An offbeat tear-jerker with a sense of humor and a call to action.” Kirkus Reviews.

Maybe I should have lead with these quotes, but I am more than a little nervous.

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