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Who is Michael?

Michael is first and foremost an author, but he's also a wannabe lamer and father to four daughters.

Michael likes to experiment by combining social media with storytelling. He's both traditionally published and indie published. Represented by Talcott Notch.

He writes middle grade through to adult novels, graphic novels and new media projects across many genres.

If he had to wear a hat it would be mostly white.

The Sand Dragon

August 19th, 2012

The discovery of an immense pterosaur skeleton lures paleontologist Kim Axon to the tar sands near her childhood home of Fort Mic. But Kim’s not the only one drawn to the find’s siren call, and the others are coming for a very different reason.

Fort Mic, where Kim’s father was murdered long ago, is both blessed and cursed by the shadow population who gravitate to the area for cheap trailers while they mine the sands for oil. Townsfolk begin to fall sick. Fearing the spread of the strange disease, the new doctor quarantines the town.

Now alone, the broken community must rise above its past to battle outsiders who do not fear the return of an ancient evil, but worship it.

“Ancient evil…modern terror. Stewart weaves a terrific tale.” Derek Gunn, author of Vampire Apocalypse

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