The Unintended Benefits of Transmedia

Do I know you
When I started my transmedia foray with ASSURED DESTRUCTION
, the greatest concern I had was my ability to come up with authentic content over an extended period of time. This continues to be an important issue but there’s an unintended benefit to the hard work you commit to this, one that shouldn’t be discounted.

I have seven of my book characters currently on Twitter and I’ll be adding two more this summer. Janus has her own blog as well and then there’s the series Facebook page, which I don’t want to be a simple reposting of what goes up on the site. That’s a lot of material to create, especially when I plan for the series to run for a year minimum. It takes a lot of awareness to collect that content.

This forced awareness is becoming less forced and more fun over time. Now when I’m going about my daily life I see things that Janus might like, or that could make Paradise57 shout, oh cool! Or that Heckleena would mock. I jot it down.

Not only has it made me more aware as a person, which is part of the whole ‘living in the moment’ thing everyone tells us is good to do, but more importantly, I’m living in the heads of my characters. As I cross the ‘t’s and dot ‘i’s of book 2 and start draft 1 of book 3, this is important and has begun to layer a complexity on my characters that hadn’t previously existed.

So what’s the unintended benefit of transmedia? A richer storyworld, and better storytelling. There can’t be a better reason to do it.

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