Want to hire a great marketer? Hire a writer

I find it interesting that there are a number of marketing articles discussing the challenges of the new marketing landscape in my paper’s business section. Articles touting the need to cultivate a presence on social media, to be authentic, to participate, etc. when none of this is new for writers at all.

In fact, writers are some of the best content marketers I know. They’re social media mavens. And there doing it all in the hopes of selling or giving away books, making a fraction of what a corporate marketer would make.

I’m not quite at the level of maven, but I hope to be! I’m on Tumblr (44 followers), Facebook (2 pages 500 likes), Twitter (1000 followers), Pinterest (recently), Goodreads (650 or so friends), Booklikes (recently), I have two blogs, and am a member of multiple writers groups, attend conferences, and just generally like hanging out with writers, agents, and editors.

I also know what I need to do. Be more consistent, develop an easier system of cross posting in an authentic and relevant way, focus more on Tumblr and Pinterest. Finally I also have book specific projects, much of which I’ve discussed under the tag #Transmedia.

Since writers are always looking for new ways to market and get the word out, they’re on the cutting edge. They’re willing to take chances. They also have a sense of what questions to ask and where to spend money and where not to.

Given that the average writer doesn’t earn a great deal, it struck me that if you’re looking for a great social media manager, community manager, what have you, you should be sifting through the best writers out there, not the resumes on your desk.

Hey, and as a bonus, you can get someone who actually knows how to, you know, write!

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