Where Does Your Magic Happen?

In support of the National Reading Campaign, I’m asking authors Where Did You Write Today? Just tweet a pic of your workspace with the hashtag #wheredidyouwritetoday and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Chapters gift card.

Whether you’re Margaret Atwood or Charles Dickens, authors need a room to call their own. But writing spaces are as different as the authors themselves. Look—Dickens didn’t even use a computer!

So where do our Canadian bestselling authors write their opuses?

D.J. McIntosh wrote her bestseller THE WITCH OF BABYLON in a far more idyllic setting than her novel.

“For five months of the year my cottage truly is my office and I often write until late into the evening there. Very quiet and peaceful with only the birds and squirrels to distract me.”

Arthur Slade, author of the bestselling series THE HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS, can’t sit still while he writes. Talk about multitasking, he averages 5.5KMs a day at his treadmill desk.

And it’s not only his health that has improved. “I am much more alert, can write for a longer period of time, and one of the side effects of consistent exercise is that it fights off depression (which is something a good number of we writers seem to struggle with, especially since the invention of Amazon rankings).”

But some authors need more than one place, the bustle of people and the grinding of espresso beans.

Take Robert Rotenberg, bestselling author of STRAY BULLETS. “I get restless writing. I usually start my day early in the morning on the living room couch or the kitchen table, make my way to my office downtown where I have a stand-up desk. By the afternoon I’m often wandering to one of my favourite writing haunts in the nearby King and Jarvis ‘hood. At least once a week I go to Jet Fuel Cafe on Parliament.”

“My second novel, THE GUILTY PLEA, has a key scene set here, and I think most of all I like the fact that no one there knows me or knows anything about the scene in the book. (And the loud music, art of the walls and amazing lattes.)”

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So, where did you write today?

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